Joining Information

Become a member of the 52 Marathons in Fifty Two Weeks Club.

The process is as follows.

1) Run 52 marathons/ultramarathons in 52 weeks (or less) - this can be a calendar year or any 52 week period.
2) Order your shirt
3) Email us (at with details of the events that you completed so that we can check that you are eligible.
4) We'll either arrange with you to hand you the shirt personally or get that in the mail to you within 7 days.

What events qualify?

A marathon or ultra must be part of an official event(s) or marathon/ultra marathon series. It cannot be solo runs, or training runs, but must be part of an organised event(s) that have results that are checkable so that we can check them! So basically we are looking for your name on a set of results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 52 Marathons in Fifty Two Weeks Club Affiliated with England Athletics?
No, this is purely an achievement club, you cannot join First Claim or Second Claim, if you qualify you can join, but the only benefit is the right to wear the shirt!

Are there annual Club membership fees?
No, we cover all the Club costs in the amount we charge for the shirts. Once you've qualified, that's it, you're in and that's that! Shirts are priced at £39.95

What are the shirts like?
We're using Scimitar as they are the best quality shirts we've been able to find, the design is subliminated, so that means it won't rub off or fade.

Do I have to run the SVN Events to join so I can wear this shirt?
No, although SVN are the organisers of this achievement running club any organised marathons.

Why is there a tank on the shirt?
It's a nod to SVN where many of the medal designs have a tiny tank on them! The shirt otherwise is not event or series specific.